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Largest Manufacturer of Dish Cable, RG 6 UTP Coax cable, CAT 6 UTP Cable, Smart LED Lights, Electric Insulation Tape, BOPP Gum Tape in Bangladesh. BUET Tested, We guarantee quality products.

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Cable Industry Features

Cable & wire engineering Team

Our qualified Engineers are specially trained to manufacture a broad range of RG 6 coaxial cable and wires that satisfy the most stringent requirements of dish tv networking connectivity and satelitte networking connectivity solutions countrywide. We manufacture cables and wires using both standard and special materials in our 10,000 m族 production space and meet every possible expectation.

RG5 & CAT 6 UTP production management system

Our high-quality coaxial cable RG 6 UTP model, Ethernet internet networking LAN cables guarantee is backed by an integrated management system, which is implemented throughout our global network.

Copper core cable standard

State-of-the-art RG 6 conductivity testing equipment and testing processes in coaxial dish cables and ethernet LAN cables ensure our high quality standard. offers our customers high-quality products according to multiple international standards and certifications.

Environmental and Energy

SCCIL is an independent enterprise which develops, manufactures, and sells RG 6 coaxial cables, ethernet cables, lan cables, internet cables, optics fiber, wires, LED Lights, Tapes and accessories. We are committed to continuing to avoid and minimise negative environmental impact.

Continuous Improvement

We are striving for continuous improvement of the quality of products and services with regard to operational environmental protection, energy-related performance, and health and safety.


We rely on selected suppliers who work with us in a partnership and meet our standards for quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Dish and LAN cable standard

We offer our customers products to practically every standard and regulation maintenaned MIL-STD in field of RG-6 coaxial cable process and LAN cable process. Our range is rounded out by special-purpose coaxial cables and ethernet cable produced to customer requirements. It goes without saying that no product leaves our premises without having been tested. We employ both standard measuring procedures and special testing equipment in our large-scale dynamic testing centre to verify the existence of the specified properties.

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State-of-the-art production

RG-6 UTP Cable, CAT 6 U Cable is ‘made in Bangladesh’ at our state-of-the-art production sites in Dhaka and Jhinaidah.

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Zero Tolerance & Global Standard

We offer our customers products to practically every standard and regulation. Our range is rounded out by special-purpose to customer requirements.

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