RG-6 UTP dish tv cable 300 Yds Brand Red Dragon

colors: black

Sizes: 300 Yds

RG-6 UTP dish tv cable 300 Yds Brand Red Dragon

৳4500.00 ৳5400.00

Specifications of RG 6 Coaxial Cable 300 Yards(CCS):

  • Brand: Red Dragon
  • Cable type: Dish cable coax RG-6 UTP
  • Application Type: RG 6/U 75 ohms in dish tv, cctv, satellite tv in both residential and commercial.
  • Model: SCCILRD300YD
  • Made by: Smart Chem Cable Industries Limited
  • Country of origin: Bangladesh
  • Cable Appearance: Glazed, Matt

Application of RG6 Coaxial Cable:

  • Coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable consisting of an inner conductor surrounded by a protective outer sheath or jacket(PVC). RG-6/U is a type of coaxial cable used in residential and commercial applications.
  • RG6 Coaxial cable for networking
  • Large use in the cable TV industry.
  • Cable and satellite signal transmission.
  • 75 ohms coaxial cable is cable television (CATV) distribution coax.
  • Residential and commercial cable and satellite signal networking.
  • Coax cable is the best choice to relay cable television signals transmission.
  • CCTV networking.
  • Route cable television signals.
  • Carrying base band analog video signals.
  • Carrying serial digital interface (SDI) signals.

Technical Data of RG6 Coaxial Cable 300 Yards (CCS):

  • RG-6-style coaxial cable for networking.
  • Conductor: Copper-clad steel (CCS).
  • Aluminum foil shield & 95% Aluminum braid
  • Double-layer shield
  • Controlled tolerance & stable impedence.
  • Insulating Jacket: PVC, solid polyethylene (PE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), & polyethylene foam.
  • Lowering ohmic losses.
  • Coaxial cables coverage 60%
  • Characteristic impedance 75 ohm.
  • RG6 Coaxial cable guage: 18 AWG (1.024 mm) center conductor and 75 ohm characteristic impedance.
  • Actual size in each roll 300 Yards.
  • Custom quality and quantity RG6 coaxial cable is available for wholesale qty.
  • Sizes 300 yards.
  • Recycled PVC shield RG6 coaxial cable available(matt).
  • Sheethed with jelly
  • Color varying in White, Glossy Black and Matt Black.

Red Dragon standard of RG 6 Coaxial cable:

  • MIL-STD maintained RG 6 Coaxial Cable.
  • ISO standard ISO 9001 UL STD Copper-clad silver from China.
  • Lowering Ohmic losses in satellite tv networking and cable tv networking.
  • Residential cable networking TV ensure HD 4k picture quality.
  • CCTV RG-6 coaxial cable networking ensure no image / picture frame losses.
  • RG 6 Coaxial cable copper quality ensure world best Copper -clad silver core for TV networking and dish line networking.

Packaging specification of RG 6 Coaxial Cable:

  • coaxial cable quantity: 300 yards RG 6 Coaxial cable rolled in a coil package and wrapped by PVC recycled poly. 6 pcs coiled roll put inside a carton and then carton wrapped by corrugated gum tape.
  • Carton dimension: Coiled roll 6 pcs in one carton. Each ctn size = 2211.259.25 inch

Sales center and wholesale guide:

We have total six outlets available in Bangladesh. Our main unit of RG 6 coaxial cable processioning in Jhineidah, BSCIC area. Visit out contact details

Research and development: RG 6 coaxial cable:

Customer depend on Smartchem RG 6 coaxial cable for residential or commercial line and for white TV cable networking. Our Rg 6 coax have optimized electrical or mechanical Tolerances, particular ones Environmental conditions and robustness, make this - originally for the military use standardized – RG-6 Coaxial have 75 ohms used as global coax cable Standards both indorr and outdoor networking. These will in all areas of Electronics, especially in the TV cable and radio technology, CCTV networking, CAtV networking, as well in Information technology. If you want Special types or colors, talk to us please contact us - we look forward to design “your” RG 6 coaxial cable. For highest demands of RG-6 coaxial cable, we are open to discuss about wholesale and long term coaxial cable supply business from Bangladesh.


However manifold the tasks of communication engineering may be, there is always an equally diversified product range of coaxial cables and lines made by Smartchem Cable limited. If there are high demands on the RG 6 coaxial cable, twin TV coaxial cable, or CCTV cable or twin-coaxial HF cables. Our guarantee is produce and supply constant quality and 100% RG 6 cable quality assurance - you should make your choice within the Smartchem coaxial cable product range. Basically our RG 6 coaxial cable family is standardized and thus optimally designed regarding electrical tolerances, special surrounding conditions, and mechanical performance. R-cables nowadays represent an internationally used standard in all areas of electronics, first of all in the measuring, broadcasting, and information technology both indoor and outdoor. If there are individual demands on special constructions or colors, we are waiting to design “Your” dish line RG 6 coaxial cable.