CAT5/ 5e LAN Networking Cable Brand Smart Cil

colors: Black, White, Gray, Blue

Sizes: 305 Meter

CAT5/ 5e LAN Networking Cable Brand Smart Cil

৳3700 ৳3800

Specifications of CAT5/ 5e Ethernet LAN Networking Cable 305 Meter:

  • Brand: Smart Cil
  • Cable type: CAT5 / 5e ethernet cable
  • Application Type: Internet networking residential and commercial, CCTV networking, broadband internet connetivity.
  • Model: CAT5 5e LAN Cable 305 meter
  • SKU: CAT5SC305MT
  • Made by: Smart Chem Cable Industries Limited
  • Country of origin: Bangladesh
  • Cable Appearance: Black,White,Gray,Blue

Application of CAT5/ 5e Ethernet LAN Networking Cable:

  • Ethernet cable is a type of internet networking cable used in residential and commercial applications.
  • CAT5 / 5e for Ethernet LAN Networking
  • Large use in the CCTV networking.
  • Telecommunication networking.
  • Residential and commercial local area signal networking.
  • Office internal lan communication
  • Local area networking

Technical Data of CAT5/ 5e Ethernet LAN Networking Cable:

  • PVC piping
  • Conductor: Copper-clad steel (CCS).
  • PE inner seperatpr
  • Double-layer shield
  • Controlled tolerance & stable impedence.
  • Insulating Jacket: PVC, solid polyethylene (PE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), & polyethylene foam.
  • Lowering ohmic losses.
  • Sizes 305 meter.
  • Recycled PVC shield CAT5 cable available.
  • Color varying in White, Glossy Black and Matt Black.

Smart Cil standard of CAT5 Ethernet cable:

  • MIL-STD maintained ethernet Cable.
  • ISO standard Copper-clad silver from China.
  • Lowering Ohmic losses in internet networking and cctv networking.
  • Residential internet networking.

Packaging specification of CAT5 LAN Cable:

  • LAN cable quantity: 305 meters cable rolled in a coil package in aautomated carton can make output auto.

Sales center and wholesale guide:

We have total six outlets available in Bangladesh. Our main unit of CAT5 LAN cable processioning in Jhineidah, BSCIC area. Visit out contact details

Research and development: CAT5 Ethernet cable:

Customer depend on Smartchem CAT5 Ethernet cable for residential or commercial line and for white TV cable networking. Our CAT5 Ethernet cable have optimized electrical or mechanical Tolerances, particular ones Environmental conditions and robustness, make this - originally for the military use standardized.